Feb. 27, 2020

It's spring - get out into the fresh air

Playing in the fresh air promotes muscle building, stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the child's body. The immune system is strengthened in this way and the children are less susceptible to infections. An afternoon on the playground helps to improve dexterity, balance and body control - a variedly designed playground strengthens these abilities.

Playing outside is important for children

There are many good reasons to go to the playground. If several children come together, they often develop a fantasy game of their own making: this boosts their self-confidence and stimulates creativity. If the children go to school, regular playing and romping in the fresh air helps them to concentrate better and for longer.

Moreover, studies even show that children who spend less than one hour a day outside have a 30 percent higher risk of becoming short-sighted than children who spend one hour every day in the fresh air. The more varied the play equipment is designed, the more the children benefit.

Holiday feeling on the playground

Our Climbing Palm provides a holiday feeling on the playground even when spring temperatures are still soft. Here the children can climb, romp and dive into a fantasy world. Swinging, up and down - the play possibilities are almost endless. A hammock between the two palm trees invites you to relax and the large leaves provide additional shade so that the little ones are well protected. If desired, a vertical spider web for climbing can be installed instead of the hammock. Safety has top priority for us and so the climbing palm is of course TÜV-certified and follows the latest safety standards.

In the current catalogue you will find detailed information about the Climbing Palm and other exciting rope play equipment.