March 12, 2020

The playground becomes a meeting place

Especially in the age of digital media and virtual game worlds it is important not to lose sight of the connection to the outside world. Playgrounds are an excellent place for this. Children learn playfully to build trust in themselves and others. Communication, movement and motor skills are also promoted. The feeling of being part of a community also creates a good feeling and can even strengthen the physical immune system.

Children learn from each other

At a certain age, children want to try out on their own what they can do. This expands their social horizon, because other children behave differently than adults. Where children of different ages are together, older ones learn to show consideration for younger ones, younger ones learn a lot from older ones. Older children are often the best teachers for climbing, romping and playing. They know exactly the difficulties that a thing makes, because they have only recently overcome them themselves. In playgrounds, this creates an interactive interaction that contributes to the development of both younger and older children.

Playground equipment brings people together

A well-equipped playground with different equipment becomes a meeting point for everyone. We have a wide range of rope play equipment for the smallest children as well as for the slightly older children. Our Climbing Bench, for example, combines the possibility for parents to relax and have a chat, while at the same time the kids can either let off steam on the slide, climb the small-meshed nets or play with their favourite toys safely inside the equipment.

With only one device, there are not only different possibilities in a small space but parents can stay close to the kids, play with them or - while they take a break themselves - keep an eye on them.