The new playground of the city of Haan

Starting with the idea through planning to implementation: a new playground

Have you ever wondered how a playground is created, who decides what it looks like, and to which play equipment the children can look forward to? Today we give you insights into one of our current projects.


The new playground in the city of Haan has been opened for a few weeks now – the way to get there is just one example of successful cooperation between our customers and HUCK Seiltechnik. The starting signal was given by the idea of ​​the city of Haan itself, which they approached our team with: “We want a play area that offers children many possibilities and encourages them to play together.” The idea of ​​a snake-shaped play equipment was born.


The groundwork for further planning is a hand sketch that was prepared together with the customer in an initial meeting. You can see a "snake" that offers children many different play facilities – including a climbing house, climbing nets and one of our original bird's nest.


Between customer requirements and specifications

Based on the initial sketch our team made a technical drawing. Of course, we always want to considerate all our customer’s wishes and ideas. We bring all our experience into the project but also have to comply with the technical possibilities and current standard specifications. If you develop playground equipment, there are many factors that come together while planning and implementation.


Together to the goal

This also means not every play equipment can be implemented exactly as the ideas have been given at the beginning of the project. Together with our customers, we start a process in which we develop the idea for a possible product. In these cases, we offer alternatives, bring in creative ideas and explain the possibilities and challenges. That's exactly what we love about our job and what makes it special: planning and producing individual playground equipment.


Innovations become classics

A lot of our playground equipment is based on such customer projects: a client comes to us with an inquiry – and what emerges in many cases at the end is playground equipment or a completely new play area that we include in our range. This is how some of our classics came around.


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